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Hailing from Sandusky, Ohio, Heather Snow settled down in Denver, CO
after graduating from Penn State and traveling all over the US as a
carnie working in Amusement Parks as a Caricature Artist.  She finally
settled in Denver where she started her stand-up career.   Her
sarcastic style and original look at relationships shouldn't be
missed. She's also very, very tall.
Her dedication to constantly trying new material, improving and
changing her deliveries keeps her ahead of the competition..   She has
recently advanced to the Semi-Finals of the Comedy Works Competition,
to be held Sept. 15th.  She was winner of the Harrisburg, PA Comedy
Zone Stand-up Competion in July, 2010 when she dropped in thinking
that it was an open mic.  She is the host of Ten Local Comics, a
monthly competition in Golden, Colorado, and hosts a monthly female
comedy show, Ladies Laugh-in at BeautyBar, Denver.

To learn more about Heather Snow, contact Marty Conn Entertainment at 216.849.3545.


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