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Daniel Jay Robinson

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Welcome to The Crazy World of Daniel Jay Robison, The Family Ventriloquist.  Entertainment that your whole family can enjoy!  No need to worry about what your children might hear from this ventriloquist.  All the routines are wholesome and lots of fun for each and every member of your family.  Whatever the event, Daniel Jay Robison, The Family Ventriloquist, can custom make a show that people will be talking about long after the performance is through.

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Daniel Jay Robinson
Fuzzball the Cat - an alley cat with an attitude! Fuzzball is a lot of fun and is a whole lot of laughs. His smart aleck answers and quick wit will bring laughter and enjoyment to your whole group. If your lucky Fuzzball will sing a special song for you. Gill the Bird - not the sharpest tool in the shed but every once in a while he does get one over on Daniel Jay or one of the members of your group. Have fun as Gill tries to guess what kind of bird he is. Maybe you'll even get Gill's version of a Bible story.
W.T. (aka Wildthing) - she's very affectionate. With those big red lips she's always looking for her next victim to kiss. She is extremely energetic and loves to tell stories. Zifferino Loon Pablo Misello (Ziff for short) - Ziff has been with Daniel Jay Robison since 1978 (that's a long time) and even though Daniel Jay has lost some hair and aged
a little, Ziff looks as good as the day they met, and he likes to point that out to
Daniel Jay!
Cletus the Rat - this country rat really loves down home town country cooking. He wonders how we can eat at McDonalds, Burger King and all those other fast food places and pass up a big plate of mustard greens and catfish.  


Available upon request.

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