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Dr. Insecta


Spectacular is the only word to describe Dr. Insecta's Incredible, Unforgettable Bug Lab Experience!

Let's look at the facts... Children love bugs, and bugs are what they'll see during this insect extravaganza. Our program works perfectly with Earth Day celebrations, science events, rain forest exploration and more.

Dr. Insecta will introduce your children to some of the coolest live insects on the planet Earth. Fun facts about each critter will be shared and volunteers are encouraged to experience their own close encounters with these gentle giants.

From hissing Madagascars to hairy arachnids, foot-long millipedes to an emperor scorpion named Darth Vader, this incredible insect zoo will create a real buzz throughout your event!

Did we mention that Dr. Insecta makes his bugs magically appear during the performance? Yes, you also get to see some great magic at the same time. One lucky child will even have the opportunity to be turned into "Insecta Kid" as a magical finale to the show.

To learn more about Dr. Insecta, contact Conn Entertainment at 216.849.3545.






"I justed want to let you know how fantastic your program was at the Ottawa Metro Park Amphiteater. I was stopped many times on the way out to my car and told by the attendees - children and adults - how much they enjoyed the "Bug Lab" prgram. I was even stopped at the grocery by someone who thoroughly enjoyed your program and wished you could come back next year." ~Chris Fetzer, Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District

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