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John Trzcinski, pianist, composer, and arranger has been a prominent figure in the Ohio music scene for over 30 years.  Beginning his piano studies at the early age of 5 years old, John was greatly encouraged by his father Joseph, an auxiliary trumpeter for the world famous Cleveland Orchestra and music educator, to pursue his musical talents. His music education included 12 years of private piano and percussion lessons as well as musical theory at the renowned Cleveland Institute of Music and Cleveland Music Settlement. Trzcinski's composing accolades include his classical compositions for “String Quartet” which was performed and recorded by the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra String Quartet.  His compositions and arrangements are not only limited to classical but crossover into pop, jazz and rock.  John has completed extensive work in recording studio’s arranging and composing for jazz, pop and classic rock groups including the Classic rock sensation “The Outsiders”.

John appears in many of the top jazz clubs and concert venues in the United States, Asia and Europe. His international performances include: Villa Filippina in Jazz, Palermo, Sicily (Italy-2010), 9th Annual -VI.Festival International de Musique en Catalogne - Ceret"(France-2009), JZ Jazz Concert Series at the Shanghai Cultural Arts Center in Shanghai, China,(2008)  JZ Clubs in Shanghai and Hangzhou, ChinaWhile in Shanghai he instructed Jazz Piano Masters Classes and accompanied interactive educational jazz performances for children called "Kool Jazz Kittens"  

In 2009 he released his first CD of all original musictitled "One Day at a Time" with music by John Trzcinski and lyrics by Debbie Gifford.  He composed 10 original songs for the CD and co-produced, arranged and performed all 12 songs included on the CD.  One of the CD's compositions "Little Girl Waltz" is a musical sound track for a French short film produced by Cat Studios, Perpignan, France.  His professional career has spanned over 25 years, not only as a composer, arranger, and performer but also in the field of music education as he taught private piano and percussion instruction for over 12 years at various studios in Ohio.

Trzcinski has accompanied many American superstars of stage and screen in his tenure as pianist.  Listed among his performances with the stars are Marvin Hamlisch, Patty Paige, Joan Rivers, Milton Berle, Susan Anton, Lola Falana, David Brenner, Rodney Dangerfield, Henny Youngman and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Additionally, in 2005 he was chosen to perform at President George Bush’s Inauguration in Washington, DC. Furthermore, as a bandleader- John is currently directing and performing in a premiere musical ensemble which includes the musical talents of International Jazz Vocalist Debbie Gifford. Trzcinski is currently musical directing and performing with Gifford throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.  In the past he has arranged and performed with various international recording artists including jazz vocalists Liz McComb, Geri Brown,  and national artists Laura Robinson star of the “All Night Strut” and S.J. Mendelssohn vocalist and performer in the “All That Jazz" musical production.

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“John Trzcinski is an amazing pianist and his songs just reach in and grab your heart!
Skoot Larson, Music Critic & Author, Los Angeles, CA.

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